exhibition views, the joensuu art museum

7 04 2011

Ulla Karttunen: The Divine: Sanctified Women from a Dark Planet, The Joensuu Art Museum 20.1.-3.4.2011. Jumalaiset: pyhittäjänaisia pimeältä planeetalta, Joensuun taidemuseo.


the divine

3 03 2011

poster of the Karttunen exhibition

Exhibition Ulla Karttunen: The Divine / Jumalaiset: pyhittäjänaisia pimeältä planeetalta, in The Joensuu Art Museum 20.1.-3.4.2011


3 03 2011

all these graphic materials are available in the shop of the Joensuu Art Museum:

Ulla Karttunen: L’Amour et la Mort, Invisible Book, Katoavaisuuden kirja

It. Or That. / Se. Tai sitten toi. Exhibition catalogue from Forum Box exhibition

Ulla Karttunen: Punainen kirja (Red Book)

Alue 3000, edited and curated by Ulla Karttunen

Boudoir News Rio de Janeiro Special Issue

Posters: Ugly Bedroom – The Heart of Your Home, Dante & Beatrice Amazed by Flaming Leopard Taps, Bambi Au Sacré-Cœur

Pennants: Bambi Au Sacré-Cœur


melting point

3 03 2011

art books and texts by Ulla Karttunen in libraries by WorldCat Identities:

As can be seen, the secret connection of art and ice-cream – l’unione segreta del gelato con l’arte – has for long been important for a boudoir philosopher.

Both, art and ice-cream, are ephemeral, vanishing materials. They melt away, as Art=Act News for Italian and French Lovers (new baroque graphic design from 90’s by Ulla Karttunen) is telling:

forbidden city

3 03 2011


Ulla Karttunen: Forbidden Red

Inderdit! My works are from no-go areas: the sacred, red, forbidden cities

from dream to reality

3 03 2011

To Gallery Palsa exhibition, from here

Artists in Unesta valoon / From Dream to Reality exhibition: Petri Hytönen, Ulla Karttunen, Samuli Kontio, Susanna Majuri, Satu-Maaria Mäkipuro, Tuula Nikulainen

My pictures in the exhibition are in the Room 4,

and here you find my text from light, darkness and seeing through (in Finnish)

dead or alive

1 11 2010

We want the greatest criminals as dead, also this – underneath – who was announced to be arrested in

The XVIIIth International Congress of Aesthetics, Peking, August 9-13, 2010:

Ulla Karttunen: Wanted Dead or Alive – flyer and lecture  (Peking, August 13, 2011)