27 01 2018

the new website of the artist Ulla Karttunen: www.ullakarttunen.com

taiteilija Ulla Karttusen uudet kotisivut: www.ullakarttunen.com


exhibition views, the joensuu art museum

7 04 2011

Ulla Karttunen: The Divine: Sanctified Women from a Dark Planet, The Joensuu Art Museum 20.1.-3.4.2011. Jumalaiset: pyhittäjänaisia pimeältä planeetalta, Joensuun taidemuseo.

the divine

3 03 2011

poster of the Karttunen exhibition

Exhibition Ulla Karttunen: The Divine / Jumalaiset: pyhittäjänaisia pimeältä planeetalta, in The Joensuu Art Museum 20.1.-3.4.2011


3 03 2011

all these graphic materials are available in the shop of the Joensuu Art Museum:

Ulla Karttunen: L’Amour et la Mort, Invisible Book, Katoavaisuuden kirja

It. Or That. / Se. Tai sitten toi. Exhibition catalogue from Forum Box exhibition

Ulla Karttunen: Punainen kirja (Red Book)

Alue 3000, edited and curated by Ulla Karttunen

Boudoir News Rio de Janeiro Special Issue

Posters: Ugly Bedroom – The Heart of Your Home, Dante & Beatrice Amazed by Flaming Leopard Taps, Bambi Au Sacré-Cœur

Pennants: Bambi Au Sacré-Cœur


melting point

3 03 2011

art books and texts by Ulla Karttunen in libraries by WorldCat Identities:

As can be seen, the secret connection of art and ice-cream – l’unione segreta del gelato con l’arte – has for long been important for a boudoir philosopher.

Both, art and ice-cream, are ephemeral, vanishing materials. They melt away, as Art=Act News for Italian and French Lovers (new baroque graphic design from 90’s by Ulla Karttunen) is telling:

forbidden city

3 03 2011


Ulla Karttunen: Forbidden Red

Inderdit! My works are from no-go areas: the sacred, red, forbidden cities

from dream to reality

3 03 2011

To Gallery Palsa exhibition, from here

Artists in Unesta valoon / From Dream to Reality exhibition: Petri Hytönen, Ulla Karttunen, Samuli Kontio, Susanna Majuri, Satu-Maaria Mäkipuro, Tuula Nikulainen

My pictures in the exhibition are in the Room 4,

and here you find my text from light, darkness and seeing through (in Finnish)